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by Pat Milchuck

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Simply Said….

pat-picWelcome to my website. My name is Pat Milchuck, owner and milliner of Simply Pat’s Hats located in Paxton, IL at the State Street Mall. I graduated from the Warzecha School of Dressmaking and Tailoring in Buffalo, NY and the National School of Dress Design in Chicago, IL.  In June 1970, I moved to Paxton, IL. Before opening the quaint millinery shop Simply Pat’s Hats, for many years, I had my own shop in downtown Paxton.  Created there, were original bridal and couture for discerning clientele.

I’ve always had a passion for millinery, which has been a part of original design couture.  I have an exclusive approach to every hat.  It’s simple.  It’s unique.  No hat is the same.  Every design is distinctive.  Each hat tells its own story.  I do my best to craft that story through each hat that I create and design.

I’m truly honored and blessed to now have the opportunity to provide my hats to four VonMaur department stores.  My little shop has begun supplying hats to four of their department stores.

Finally, I am grateful for all my loyal clientele that continue to come back for more. My clients continue to fill the “tank for this engine”. For those that know me, I am dedicated to my family, faith, community, and my wonderful patrons.

So with that, please enjoy browsing the website and enjoy the beautiful hats…you never know…there might be a story to be told underneath one of these beauties.

Simply Said by the Milliner…

“God blesses me every day.”


“You put the hat on your head and you wear it.”

“The problem with this world is that there aren’t enough people wearing hats.”

“With a hat on your head, people will treat you differently.”

“Everybody can wear a hat.  Take your time and find the one that tells your story.”